Alltech Dairy Solutions

The Alltech Dairy solutions consist of natural, nutritional solutions tailored to address challenges impacting modern dairy production and profitability.

Our solutions are designed to tackle challenges such as feed efficiency, herd health, fertility, lameness, milk yield and quality, longevity and mycotoxin contamination; all of which can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.
Nutritional Solutions for your farm.
• Protein Management: Optigen, Yea-Sacc, Demp
• Mycotoxin Management: Mycosorb A+
• Heat stress: Optigen, Yea-Sacc
• Lameness: Bioplex
• Mastitis: Bioplex, Sel-Plex
• Fertility: Sel-Plex, Bioplex 
• Rumen efficiency: Amaize, Fibrozyme


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Alltech Biotechnology South Africa
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Farm Road 1277
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Phone: 021 865 2669
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Centurion Office
118 Sarel Baard Crescent,
Gateway Industrial Park,
C/O Old Johannesburg Road & Sarel Baard Crescent
Phone: 012 653 1444
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