Kentucky Ale to be launched today at the Games

Kentucky Ale

It is only 32 days to go!  Did you know that:


Visit to Moa Brewing Co

Rob McFarlane and Roseanne had a great meeting with Moa Brewing Co.  Moa so far, have supported both of Alltech’s craft beer events in Ireland by entering the Dublin Craft Beer Cup competition twice and have also entered the upcoming first Alltech Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup in Kentucky. Moa won the biggest medal haul in the recent Dublin Craft Beer 

A special Alltech Jump erected at Woodhill Sands

A special Alltech Jump has been erected at Woodhill Sands by the owner and designer Chris Ross.  Pictured above with Rob McFarlane, General Manager for Alltech NZ, the jump is a star attraction in the #1 arena at this popular equine arena located north of Auckland.

Alltech IFM Science delivered to your farm

Alltech IFM On-Farm Solutions

The In Vitro Fermentation Model (IFM) from Alltech is a support tool for nutritionists to evaluate and troubleshoot dairy rations to maximise feed efficiency and combat ever-rising feed costs.

IFM evaluates the energy availability of daily rations.  Dual pool mathematical models are used to evaluate digestion kinetics of the carbohydrate fractions present in the feed.  This process also involves a complete proximate analysis of the sample submitted.


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