Alltech started its operations in the early 1980’s working with a network of distributors with good connections in the livestock industry. The increasing demand for Alltech products and the potential business with integrators saw our own sales office in Philippines established on October 1998. From the initial operations, Alltech grew by catering to the livestock industry with particular emphasis on the swine, poultry, ruminants and now aquaculture markets.

Marking its 17th year in the business (2015), Alltech Philippines now directly serves integrators, farms and feed mills across the country. From its humble beginnings, Alltech Philippines has grown in statue and influence throughout the feed industry sector. With a dedicated team of sales team supported by an office and warehouse manned by dedicated professionals, we are able to respond to the constant changing business environment offering timely solutions to customer needs. This means delivering on natural solutions, performance and value for an evolving market.

Where Innovation Comes Naturally

At Alltech, our mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation. Founded by Irish scientist Dr. Pearse Lyons in 1980, and headquartered in Kentucky, USA, Alltech provides natural, nutritional solutions to the food and feed industries in North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region with a business presence in 128 countries. Our mission is supported by more than 4,200 employees. Alltech’s global presence is also reflected in its research and production, including three major Bioscience Centers in the USA and Ireland, and 77 production facilities strategically located throughout the world.

Alltech improves health and performance by adding nutritional value naturally through its innovative use of yeast fermentation, enzyme technology, algae and nutrigenomics. Our pursuit of this mission is guided by our founding ACE principle, a promise that in doing business we have a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment. Alltech is the only privately held company among the top 10 animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing us to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives. This flexibility has also fueled Alltech’s growth, which has been approximately 20-25% annually. We are on target to achieve $4 billion in the next few years.

Natural Solutions for an Evolving Market

Alltech’s core business is animal nutrition, including aquaculture, which generates more than 95 percent of sales. We work with the largest farms and feed manufacturers in the world and provide them with nutritional technologies that not only improve their bottom line, but benefit the animal and help to safeguard our planet’s natural resources. Our passionate commitment to scientific innovation, particularly in the areas of algae, nutrigenomics and yeast fermentation technology, has led to the company’s expansion into three divisions: Alltech Nutrition; Alltech Crop Science; and Alltech Beverage, which includes a line of award-winning beers and spirits such as Kentucky Bourbon Barrel.


New product development at Alltech is the result of synergy between the company’s primacy in science and its understanding of customers’ needs and expectations. The Alltech brand rests on two fundamentals: excellence in innovation and quality assurance.
At Alltech, we foster innovation by nurturing talent at all stages. Our commitment begins with inspiring scientific and agricultural studies at the primary school level through the construction of science laboratories in schools. At the collegiate level, the annual Alltech Young Scientist Award is the largest global ag science competition and receives more than 8,000 entries worldwide for its research rewards. To date, more than 150 undergraduate students have completed an internship program at Alltech’s Center for Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition in Kentucky, and more than 260 Ph.D., master’s and graduate students have been supported through Alltech’s bioscience centers. We also have 21 formal research alliances with leading universities and institutions around the world, from Uruguay to China. In terms of quality assurance, the Alltech Quality System (AQS) is recognized throughout the feed industry as a standard to follow. The AQS delivers the exact same level of quality assurance and traceability in reach of Alltech’s geographical markets, based on a uniform process designed to meet and exceed other third-party systems of certification.

Expansion and Investments

Alltech is rapidly expanding its global production footprint in order to provide increasingly local support to its customers. We now have 77 production facilities globally and are the largest producer and processor of yeast in the world, which includes the only selenium yeast to be FDA reviewed and first to be approved by the EU.

We are also the world’s largest producer of organic trace minerals. Several of Alltech’s facilities are unique to
the industry:
• Largest yeast production and processing facility in the world for animal nutrition – São Pedro, Brazil
• One of the two largest commercial algae production facilities in the world and the only one dedicated to animal nutrition – Winchester, Kentucky, USA
• The largest commercial solid state enzyme facility – Serdán, Mexico
• One of the largest facilities for producing bacteria – Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA
• Fourteen facilities around the globe capable of coating key raw materials and components for the animal nutrition industry

Recent developments have included:
• The acquisition of 11 leading feed companies since 2011.
• Beginning construction of an algae plant in São Pedro, Brazil, where Alltech already maintains the largest yeast production facility in the world for animal nutrition. The new algae plant represents a $63 million investment, which will result in 200 direct and indirect jobs and increase Alltech Brazil’s production by 58 percent 
• Acquiring a new 7,300m² plant in Indaiatuba, São Paulo State, Brazil. In the new facility, we are manufacturing nutritional solutions for beef and dairy cattle to support the production capacity of Alltech’s nine manufacturing plants in Latin America.
• Doubling the production of Optigen®, Alltech’s non-protein nitrogen source for ruminants, in Araucaria, Brazil.
• Installing a Bioplex® trace mineral production plant, expanding Alltech’s production capability in Bangalore, India.
• Installing new coating facilities in the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Argentina.

In 2015, Alltech has plans for:
• Three new yeast processing facilities in Mexico
• A new coating facility in Australia
• New processing facilities in Ontario, California, USA; Klerken, Belgium; and Bangkok, Thailand
• Expansion to our Alltech Algae facility Involvement

Alltech believes in giving back to the communities in which we work. With this in mind, we established Alltech’s ACE Involvement Foundation, a charitable foundation to help fund the philanthropic efforts of the company, our employees and partners around the world. One component of this commitment is the Alltech Sustainable Haiti Project. Today the project includes financial responsibility for two primary schools in northern Haiti and the resurrection of a Haitian gem — the country’s 100 percent mountain-grown, organic Arabica coffee. All profits from the sale of the Fair Trade Certified™ Alltech Café Citadelle coffee are reinvested in Haiti as part of the Sustainable Haiti Project.


Alltech Philippines at the Davao Trade Expo 2015

2015-09-25 - 2015-09-27
What if you have one place to go for Innovation?

What if you have one place to go for innovation?

Celebrating 35 years of research in animal nutrition and health have allowed us to improve animal performance and the farmer’s bottom line....naturally!

Visit us at Davao Trade Expo 2015 to interact with our Alltech Ambassadors, Interactive displays and join our Alltech Happy Hour!


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Filipinos at the biggest International Symposium "Alltech REBELation"

Filipinos were curious on Nutrigenomics at the Alltech Headquarters, Nicholasville, Kentucky, USA

The Alltech REBELation concludes with a challenge

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Challenging the audience to “never say never,” Alltech founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons concluded the Alltech REBELation, an international conference exploring innovation, inspiration and world-changing ideas.

Alltech Philippines at the 24th Philippines Hog Congress

Secretary Proceso Alcala, Dept. of Agriculture was curious "What if our nutrition kept pace with today’s genetics?" and visited Alltech Philippines to know the more about it. Stay Curious!

Alltech invited 24th National Hog Convention attendees to consider “What if our nutrition kept pace with today’s genetics?”

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