NaturClean is a unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal species including ruminants, pigs, poultry, goats, horses, dogs, cats.

It is a blend of ultra absorbent mineral compounds to keep bedding dry.  This product is a light grey, free flowing powder of neutral pH.  The fine flowing particles have a large surface area, ensuring highly absorbent properties, more so than other products available in the market.  Creates a dry, safe, healthy environment in animal pens by reducing moisture and thus the potential for bacterial infection.  Reduces ammonia levels and odours, improving the overall atmosphere in housing systems.  Is soluble in manure and will not block outlets and create problems in tanks.  Should be used as part of a managed bio-security programme.  Safe to handle and does not cling to animal coats.

Typical application rate is 50g (1 cup) to be spread over an area of 1m2  Available in 25kg bags from Alltech.

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