Nigel Meads interviewed by Rowena Duncum on Newstalk ZB


The following is an edited transcript of Rowena Duncum's interview with Nigel Meads.  

Rowena:     Family owned company Alltech is an animal health, nutrition and production company.  Joining me now is Nigel Meads, Innovation Sales Manager for Alltech Oceania Group.  Nigel, feeding your herd correctly can be a real good challenge for farmers, getting that balance right.  Something that Alltech would know a bit about?

Nigel:          That's right Rowena.  The rumen is such a complex place.  When we formulate diets, we assume that the raw materials we have are going to behave in certain ways and we are often scratching our head when things do not go according to our plan.

Rowena:    I know that feeling all too well, but you have a few tricks up your sleeve at Alltech, including an artificial rumen.  What is this all about?

Nigel:         Well, traditional wet chemistry tells us what our feed is.  But this system, known as the Alltech IFM System, tells us what the feed actually does inside the cow.  And for the first time, this technology is available to individual farmers.

Rowena:    Brilliant.  This is something that farmers will absolutely love and it is going to mean better outcomes I imagine?

Nigel:         That is right.  By identifyng the way that farm specific rations behave inside an animal, options can be established for improved productivity, which means better farm outcomes, and often better environmental outcomes as well, Rowena.

Rowena:   Oh, it is an absolute win-win for everyone involved.  Nigel Meads, Innovation Sales Manager for Alltech.  How do people find out more?

Nigel:        The best thing to do is call us on 0800 822 322 or go to 




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