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The Alltech New Zealand office opened in February 2008 following the acquisition of Cundy Technical Services which represented Alltech products in New Zealand for 20 years. The key goal of Alltech New Zealand is to be recognised as the leading provider of natural animal nutrition solutions.

Alltech’s involvement in all segments of the animal feed industry in New Zealand allows us to build resources to meet local demand.

Small steps add up to big wins

Alltech Mycotoxin Management

In a world where almost every conversation seems to lead to the environment, it is easy to feel helpless.  Confusion, uncertainty, relentless media focus and sustained scrutiny of agriculture from consumers can leave producers feeling a sense of environmental fatigue.

Innovation Day / Planet of Plenty

Planet of Plenty

The New Zealand Alltech team celebrated Innovation Day on 12th August 2019, along with many Alltech offices around the world.  In a world where there are countless opportunities, we strive for innovative ideas to make our future bright.

Meeting in the Alltech office in West Auckland, the team came together for our quarterly team meeting to discuss the past quarter, and further plan our path for the next.  We stopped for a special photo shoot to focus on the Planet of Plenty theme that our company leader, Dr Mark Lyons has shared.


IFAJ Alltech Young Leaders trip to Minnesota 07/19

IFAJ Alltech Young Leader group

Here in New Zealand, we often feel isolated and overlooked by the rest of the world.  But my trip to Minnesota in July helped me see otherwise.

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