Alltech and KEENAN to hold three “Focus for 150” on-farm workshops around Ireland

Alltech, KEENAN and InTouch, Alltech’s on-farm nutrition support service, will host three interactive farm workshops, titled “Focus for 150,” this winter. Starting Wednesday, Nov. 21, the workshops will be held through Thursday, Dec. 6, on three progressive dairy farms across Ireland.   

Alltech and KEENAN join forces at Tullamore Show 2018

Join Alltech and KEENAN at this year’s Tullamore Show on Sunday, August 12, at stand Q327 and Q328.


Irish forage options

Due to the complete depletion of fodder supplies after the extended housing of animals during the spring, 2018 has been a very difficult year. Now, we are in the middle of a drought situation, with grass growth coming to a complete halt and animals being supplemented with silage and concentrates. Planning for the coming months and the winter ahead is vital to ensuring sufficient feed on-farm. 

Dealing with a feed shortage

If you are finding yourself in a feed shortage situation on your farm and you would like some general advice, InTouch is opening its phone lines and making nutritionists available to support farms during these drought conditions. This is a no-obligation service, and they can be contacted on 059 910 1320 or by email at


Safety tips for your farm

Farmers have a large amount of work to do in a short time. That sense of urgency can lead to accidents and damage that might otherwise have been prevented.

While we want you to accomplish your tasks efficiently, we’d like to ensure you do so safely. Therefore, we’ve compiled some recommended safety guidelines that should be useful reminders during your busy season.


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