Alltech Indonesia were invited to Meet Cowboys conducted by IPB


Alltech Indonesia had a chance to spoke in Bogor Agriculture Institute, one of the best agriculture universities in Indonesia. They have yearly event named Meet Cowboys. All speakers are from expertise in Animal Husbandry, including from government and Industry which represented by Alltech and Nutricell. Participants are from Animal Husbandry Faculty students who need a further picture of the livestock industry in the future.

Andri was present and representing Alltech Indonesia. and presented His presentation title is "Potency Livestock Industry in Indonesia for equitable livestock". On this opportunity, he talk about Industry 4.0 which will give big impact on livestock industry. He also talk about The Future of Farming which also presented by Alltech. The potential of animal husbandry in Indonesia also part of his presentation, to emphasize that Indonesia still has high animal husbandry potential. He encourages all participants who still students in Animal Husbandry Faculty, Bogor Agriculture Institute, to study hard and involve more on Livestock 4.0 in the future.



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