Mycotoxin Management

Mycotoxins are toxic compounds produced by fungi that present a very serious and potentially fatal threat to animals. Alltech's 37+™ Program found that 100 percent of samples tested in North American (July - December 2013) were contaminated with multiple mycotoxins. 

Mycotoxins.... what are they?

  • Produced naturally by molds in the field and during storage of grains, feeds and forages 
  • A broad spectrum challenge; more than 500 have been discovered 
  • Usually associated with diseased or moulds crops (mould growth is not always visible)
  • Can have a magnified, negative synergistic effect when multiple mycotoxins are presented together 

Often referred to as a hidden threat, mycotoxins can evade detection because they can be present without any visible signs of mould. Furthermore, hundreds of mycotoxins have been identified, and it is not possible to test every batch of feed for every mycotoxin. 

Managing Mycotoxins 

Alltech's Mycotoxin Management Program represents a revolution in mycotoxin management. This multiple mycotoxin control program is designed to reduce risk and improve safety, while ensuring mycotoxins do not limit performance and profitability, or pose a threat to the food chain. 

  • MIKO Program: MIKO, based on HACPP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) principles, is a systematic audit used to evaluate the farm system and identify ways to reduce areas of future mycotoxin risk. This involves establishing correct cleaning and monitoring procedures as well as identifying critical limits for the animal species involved. 
  • 37 + Program: This provides a tailored, species specific risk assesment of the expected impact on animal performance based on the mycotoxins that are found during analysis. It also recommends a mitigation strategy through balanced nutrition, feed management and the inclusion of an integrated mycotoxin management program. 

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