Alltech Canada Mycotoxin Webinar Series

Are mycotoxins on your radar? They should be.

More than 500 different mycotoxins are found in animal feed. Mycotoxins are the hidden killers in feed, hurting your animals and your profitability. How do you know if mycotoxins are impacting you?

In the fight against mycotoxins, it pays to be smarter, faster and better equipped. Join the Alltech Canada team and leading industry experts to learn more.

How to control ammonia levels in poultry houses

Poultry Houses

Author: Dr. Kayla Price

September 14, 2020

One of the biggest complaints surrounding the poultry barn — apart from flies — is the smell of the manure. The ammonia concentration in poultry houses not only contributes to the smell but can be harmful for both the birds in the barn and the workers who frequent the barn. Understanding how ammonia gas is formed, the impact it can have on the bird and how to control ammonia levels can be helpful for proper poultry management.

How is ammonia gas formed?

Encouraging environmentally friendly excretion: Proteinated trace minerals and selenium-enriched yeast

Field of soybeans

Trace minerals are commonly supplemented above NRC requirements without significant benefit. This is typically done as a “just in case” approach. Feeding above recommendations is perceived to have minimal downsides and to potentially provide some benefits. Historically, trace mineral nutrition was not often studied critically because the inorganic sources of minerals being fed were cheap and had been effective at maintaining animal nutritional needs.

The next normal for agri-food

The panelists each used one word to describe the state of their industry right now; McDonald said “chaos” when talking about the dairy industry, Spronk chose “unprecedented” for the pork industry and Wilkinson used “alarming” when citing the figures in the poultry industry.

Author: Tien Le

“We can't say that there's any kind of normalized patterns that we can run by anymore,” said Lynda McDonald, dairy development project manager of Tetra Laval in Africa, in a discussion about the dairy industry in the time of COVID-19 at the Alltech ONE Virtual Experience.

How to improve the future of food and agriculture – Jack Bobo

Jack Bobo and Mark Lyons

Author: Victoria Robin

“I want us all to imagine that we are in 2050, and we’re looking back on this moment, this day, and we ask ourselves: did we do everything that we could do to make the world the place that we want it to be?”


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