New CFIA-approved algae product will enable producers to bring DHA-enriched pork, milk and eggs to market

Now approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Alltech’s ForPlus and All-G Rich will enable Canadian producers to enrich pork, milk and eggs with DHA omega-3.

Alltech’s ForPlus and All-G Rich will provide Canadian pig, dairy and layer producers with a sustainable and competitive advantage to enrich pork, milk and eggs with DHA

Canadian consumers will benefit from DHA-enriched pork, milk and eggs in their diet

As the first registered algae products in Canada to be heterotrophically grown, ForPlus and All-G Rich will provide a sustainable alternative to current DHA omega-3 fatty acid sources that are depleting global fish stocks


Alltech acquires Masterfeeds, Canada’s leading animal nutrition company

Establishes comprehensive animal nutrition offering for Canadian agriculture production

Improves accessibility of the industry’s most advanced animal nutrition products and solutions

Marks Alltech’s 13th acquisition since 2011; combined company will have annual revenues in excess of $2.1 billion

Accelerates product innovation through combined technology, research and on-farm modeling production, delivering greater value to farmers and ranchers


Alltech Feed Survey: Trend reveals 14% increase in global feed tonnage over last five years

Ask and you shall receive. As global disposable income increases, consumers have developed a palate for protein, and, over the past five years, the feed industry has delivered. Results from the 2016 Global Feed Survey released today by Alltech estimates international feed tonnage now at 995.6 million metric tons, a 2 percent increase over last year and a 14 percent increase since Alltech first published Global Feed Survey results in 2011.

ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference explores agriculture as the key to the future of food

Within the next 34 years, the world will add an extra 3 billion mouths to feed. What will that mean for humanity, or, perhaps even more importantly, the agriculture and food sectors responsible for nourishing them?

At ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, held May 22-25 in Lexington, Ky., USA, attendees will explore this question with experts from around the world. A future of plenty is ours if individuals, the private sector, agriculture and governments make meaningful choices today that harness the power of technology, conserve resources and encourage innovation.

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