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Alltech Canada was founded in 1988 and has offices strategically located across the country. Alltech and its associated businesses are positioned to accommodate and service farmers’ needs in all species sectors nationwide.

Together, with our more than 200 talented team members across Canada, we believe in Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™.” With the adoption of new technologies, the adaptation of better farm management practices and the ingenuity inherent in the human spirit, we believe a world of abundance could be ours.”



Tips for reducing tail-biting in pigs

Tips for reducing tail-biting in pigs

In field trials, AllBite blocks contributed to a 93% success rate in reducing or stopping tail-biting. The key is early identification and implementation of AllBite into pens where tail-biting is occurring.

Aggressive behaviour in pigs — whether it is tail-, flank-, ear- or vulva-biting — is a frustrating management problem, leading to costly losses.  Incidents of tail-biting, in particular, are among the top behavioural problems in grow-finish pigs that can lead to economic looses due to reductions in gain, secondary infections, death or carcass condemnations.

Alltech Canada Planet of Plenty Award

Planet of Plenty Canada

Agriculture has the power to solve some of our most challenging environmental problems. We can put carbon back in the soil and forests. We can recycle nutrients and keep them out of our rivers, lakes and oceans. We can generate renewable energy. And, together, we can build a more sustainable world.

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6 tips to stretch protein supplies and lower your feed costs

Ration formulation for improved efficiency and lower feed costs.

To sustain profitability, dairy and beef producers need to examine their feed management and nutritional applications. By using good-quality forage, supporting rumen health and using a tailored ration formulation, producers can cut back on their losses and keep their operations running more efficiently — thereby resulting in potential cost savings.

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