Acid-Pak 4-Way® is a unique technology designed to help “feed the gut” and equip animals with the best foundation for healthy growth and natural defenses. It provides acidifiers, lactic acid-producing bacteria, enzymes and electrolytes to maintain optimum conditions for digestion in the stomach and small intestine.


Actigen® provides a cost-effective means of maintaining gut health and integrity to support overall performance. Actigen is a safe and traceable technology developed through nutrigenomics that helps animals of all species to thrive and reach their genetic potential. Invest in your feed and intestinal health. From start to finish, Actigen is a key part of a strategic feeding program.


Allzyme® SSF

Allzyme® SSF is a complex that improves profitability by maximizing nutrient release. Through an ancient process called solid state fermentation (SSF), a selected strain of (non-GMO) Aspergillus niger is used to work in synergy with the animal’s digestive system to break down layers of the feed that were previously inaccessible through digestion. This exposes more nutrient-rich layers for the animal to digest, such as amino acids, energy, calcium and phosphorus.

Allzyme VEGPRO

Allzyme VEGPRO – is an enzyme complex. It digests vegetable proteins more efficiently. Common knowledge is that vegetable proteins are more complex in structure than animal proteins, so digestibility and absorption are big issues poultry.

Allzyme VEGPRO improves digestibility of protein,  amino acids, energy of vegetable protein ingredients and gives flexibility in formulation. 

Species : Poultry, Aquaculture


Bioplex organic trace minerals provide trace mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. By presenting minerals in the same form as found in nature, Bioplex minerals are better able to meet the higher nutrients needs of modern poultry for rapid growth, maximum reproductive efficiency, better health, egg shell quality, immunity and meat quality, ultimately resulting in better profitability.


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