First Alltech Aqua InDepth conference concludes in the Netherlands

[EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands] – Over 200 global aquaculture industry professionals gathered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, for Aqua InDepth, Alltech’s first aquaculture conference. The event welcomed attendees representing 42 countries — including India and Bangladesh — who took part in presentations and tours that provided invaluable insights into the global aquaculture industry.

Alltech announces industry-wide survey on women in agriculture

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The challenges associated with the ever-increasing global population have made it more important than ever for the agri-food industry to be able to perform at its full potential. Inclusion and diversity in the workforce are essential to shaping a sustainable future — and yet, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the gender gap in the food and agriculture industries is extensive. To gather real-world insights into the professional landscape for women in agriculture, Alltech has announced its support of an industry wide survey

Alltech IFM Newsletter: Understanding Rumen Function

Alltech IFM Newsletter

Goal to maximize rumen health and function, and how those steps translate to herd health, productivity and profitability.

Multiple factors impact dairy ration digestion, which takes place in the cow’s rumen.

ONE19 – The Hub of motivation, Inspiration and ONE meaningful Idea


[LEXINGTON, Kentucky] — Alltech recently held the world’s largest idea conference, ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE19), on May 19–21 in Lexington, Kentucky, the site of its global headquarters.

YEA-SACC® & OPTIGEN® from Alltech are now certified by the Carbon Trust to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from dairy

As the feed and food supply chain faces continual pressure to reduce its environmental footprint, global animal health and nutrition company Alltech remains committed to helping the dairy industry tackle this challenge.


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