Healthy brain and eye development. Improved behavior and memory. Enhanced reading skills. What if children could receive these benefits from their scrambled eggs or the milk poured on their cereal?

Now, through the process of naturally enriching food products with DHA microalgae, they can.

The Problem: A Dietary DHA Deficiency

Alltech Crop Science

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Alltech Crop Science is a subsidiary of Alltech, providing natural-based products and solutions to agronomic and horticultural challenges facing producers worldwide. Since 1994, our philosophy has been to manufacture proven, traceable products that enhance crop production. 


What if you could maximise growth and performance naturally?

ALLTECH PROTEIN MANAGEMENT can help you achieve precision nutrition while also achieving a better average daily gain. It works by providing your cattle with a consistent protein and energy supply throughout the day to help optimise rumen function and maximise growth and performance.
BEEFSYNC™ is a new generation protein from Alltech, combining the advantages of controlled NPN (non-protein nitrogen) and nutrients to increase the rate of diet digestion.


Bio-Mos® is derived from a specific strain of yeast and helps promote animal performance. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity are essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos 'feeds the GI tract' and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.

For use in: Pigs, poultry, dairy, beef, aquaculture, equine, rabbits, pets


Alltech’s Bioplex® range of chelated organic trace minerals provides mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. Supported by more than 21 years of research, Bioplex Trace Minerals are better able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and animal health.


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