The future of Alltech, as seen by New President Dr. Mark Lyons – Part 2

[Feedinfo News Service] Mark, Alltech achieved $2-3 billion in annual sales a few years ago. The company’s current target is sales of $4-5 billion by 2018. Are you confident this will be met?

The future of Alltech, as seen by new President Dr. Mark Lyons – Part 1

Global animal health and nutrition company Alltech suffered a terrible loss on March 8th of this year. The company’s charismatic President and founder Dr. Pearse Lyons passed away at the age of 73.

Dr. Lyons is survived by his wife, Deirdre; daughter, Aoife; and son, Mark, and Mark’s wife, Holly.

Dr. Lyons was first and foremost an entrepreneur and a tireless innovator who liked to move quickly on opportunities. He had a big personality combined with a keen scientific mind and a vision for improving global agriculture.

Alltech Euro Tour 2018 - Four Countries in Five Days

Registration is now open for UK dairy producers to attend the Alltech Euro Tour taking place from November 25-30, 2018. 

The tour offers a unique opportunity to tour dairy farms in Italy, France, Belgium and Ireland via a chartered plane. Farmers will be given a chance to step onto high-performing farms to see how different approaches and innovations are driving profitability in each country. 

Hot weather threatens milk quality

Following widespread high temperatures across the UK, dairy producers are being warned to take steps to reduce the impact of heat stress which can cause a major decline in cow performance. 

“Cows are most comfortable at an ambient temperature of just 4°C and therefore the heat is causing major issues, with many producers noting a marked drop in milk quality,” says Tom Chanter, InTouch feeding specialist. 

ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference - ideas that could change the poultry industry

ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference will explore the transformative power of ideas and their ability to change the poultry industry

Discussion topics to include digital technologies, superior eggs, meat quality and the use of antibiotics  

[LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Poultry producers and industry experts from around the world will gather at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference (ONE18), held May 20–22 in Lexington, Kentucky, to share ideas and discuss advancements in the industry.


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