Alltech Young Scientist Programme

Education scholarship

The "World's Top Ag Award" - the Alltech Young Scientist programme calls all future innovators!  This is a global agri-science competition, in which students write a research paper to participate.  Top students are selected and awarded.

Alltech globally promotes research, and rewards talent.  A value of more than USD70,000 is awarded to university students each year.  The programmes shape future generations and bridge the academia and industry worlds.  Winners will work in collaboration with leading scientists from around the world.

2017 Global Feed Survey

For the first time, this year's survey estimates global feed production at over 1 billion tons of feed.  Since the Alltech Global Feed Survey debuted six years ago, the feed industry has seen an increase in production of 161 million metric tons, a growth of 19% (or 2.95% per annum).  

The survey has become more comprehensive than ever, as it now includes data from 141 countries.  With information from over 30,000 feed mills, this is the most complete and extensive evaluation of the state of animal feed production and consumption available today.  Although annual feed production was up 3.7%, this was achieved with 7% fewer feed mills.  This trend has been most notable in the largest producing country, China, which has seen tremendous consolidation of feed mills in recent years and this year reported a nearly 30% decline in feed mills.

Increased production of meat, milk and eggs is also being achieved through fewer producers as farms integrate and feed efficiencies increase.

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Alltech to open Pearse Lyons Distillery in Dublin

July 25, 2017

Alltech, the Nicholasville-based animal nutrition and spirits company, will open the Pearse Lyons Distillery in Dublin in September.  The boutique distillery is in the former St James Church, a historic site that Lyons and his wife, Deirdre, have rebuilt into a tourist attraction in the heart of an area known as The Liberties.

ONE17 - Attendees from NZ at the Altech Ideas Conference

Altech ONE 2017

More than 4,000 delegates from 80 countries gathered in Lexington, Kentucky in May 2017 to be part of the Disruption.

NZ IFM Laboratory Opens

Alltech IFM Laboratory

Alltech NZ opens a brand new IFM laboratory at our premises in West Auckland.

What is IFM, In vitro Fermentation Model, from Alltech?

It is a support tool for nutritionists to evaluate and troubleshoot dairy rations to maximise feed efficiency and combat ever-rising feed costs.  Dual pool mathematical models are used to evaluate digestion kinetics of the carbohydrate fractions present in the feed.  This process also involves a complete proximate analysis of the sample submitted.

Why IFM?


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