Increasing milk production by controlling non-protein nitrogen in the diet

Nitrogen source

As pasture moves from a vegetative state to a reproductive state, a decline in milk production typically follows due to decreasing protein levels in the grass.  Additionally, increased fibre levels drive down the digestibility of the pasture.  Supplementing protein into the cow's diet can help to alleviate the decline in production.

Hot topic: Managing heat stress in dairy cows

Holstein cows, New Zealand on dairy farm

The following is an edited transcript of Tom Martin's interview with Tom Lorenzen, on-farm dairy specialist with Alltech.

Up for the Alltech challenge

Dr Mark Lyons

The Irish Farmers monthly latest issue of November 2018 covers an interview with Dr. Mark Lyons, CEO of Alltech.  A good insight into the vision of Alltech and what the focus is for the company's leadership.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Carbon footprint, IFM Laboratory, In Vitro Fermentation Model

In the March 2018 monthly article in NZ Dairy Farmer, Nigel Meads talks about carbon footprint of the dairy industry and what can be achieved.  The Alltech In Vitro Fermentation Model (IFM) Laboratory which has been built in West Auckland, is able to study the digestion profiles of individual diets.  This should interest farmers who would like to reap top benefits for the feed being spent on th


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