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The Alltech New Zealand office opened in February 2008 following the acquisition of Cundy Technical Services which represented Alltech products in New Zealand for 20 years. The key goal of Alltech New Zealand is to be recognised as the leading provider of natural animal nutrition solutions.

Alltech’s involvement in all segments of the animal feed industry in New Zealand allows us to build resources to meet local demand.


A live yeast culture that helps improve animal performance. Low inclusion rate and a large body of supporting research clarify its mode of action and performance response.


Alltech's revolutionary algae production facility, using proprietary technology, provides clean and consistent algae solutions to today's farmer.

Acid-Pak 4-Way

Acid-Pak 4-Way is a drinking water solution that contains four essential ingredients needed to maintain intestinal health and function, as well as reduce stress. Acid-Pak 4-Way reduces early mortality (and total mortality) and improves overall feed efficiency

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Alltech (NZ) Limited
79 Mihini Road
Auckland 0612, New Zealand

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Alltech (NZ) Limited
PO Box 69 170
Auckland 0645, New Zealand

+64 9 837 3243

0800 822 322


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