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The Alltech New Zealand office opened in February 2008 following the acquisition of Cundy Technical Services which represented Alltech products in New Zealand for 20 years. The key goal of Alltech New Zealand is to be recognised as the leading provider of natural animal nutrition solutions.

Alltech’s involvement in all segments of the animal feed industry in New Zealand allows us to build resources to meet local demand.


NaturClean is a unique dry powder bedding conditioner and drying agent for all animal species including ruminants, pigs, poultry, goats, horses, dogs, cats.


Maxammon is nutrition for modern animals. 

Maxammon is enhanced grain treatment, when combined wtih urea and grain, for improved animal performance.  Maxammon treatment increases grain protein levels by 4.3 units, as much as 30% increase.

FEATURES include:  improved diet igestibility, increased raw material pH, lift in cereal protein, significantly reduces the risk of acidosis

BENEFITS include:  improved feed efficiency, improved live weight gain, improved milk yield and solids, allows more cereal to be fed safely, increased profitability.

Up for the Alltech challenge

Dr Mark Lyons

The Irish Farmers monthly latest issue of November 2018 covers an interview with Dr. Mark Lyons, CEO of Alltech.  A good insight into the vision of Alltech and what the focus is for the company's leadership.

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