Founded in 1980 by Irish biochemist and entrepreneur Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation. We pursue this mission guided by what we call the ACE principle, our promise that in doing business we have a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment.

Headquartered in Kentucky, Alltech trades in 128 countries worldwide and has more than 4,700 employees. We have 77 production facilities strategically positioned across the globe and three bioscience centers, dedicated to research and education, two located in the USA and one in Ireland.

Alltech is the only privately held and family-owned business among the top five animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing us to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives.

PSA Symposium: Industry addresses challenges of antibiotic-free production, asks what’s next for consumer demand

Symposium presenters (left to right) Dr. Greg Mathis, Southern Poultry Research; Dr. Peter Spring, Bern University of Applied Sciences; Dr. Randall Singer, University of Minnesota; Dr. Peter Ferket, North Carolina State University; and session chair Aidan Connolly, Alltech, discuss gut health physiology issues, coccidiosis and antibiotic resistance following the Symposium: Challenges with Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production sponsored by Alltech at the 2016 Poultry Science Association meeting in New Orleans

[NEW ORLEANS] – No matter where poultry operations place their mission statement on the spectrum of traditional and antibiotic-free production, the consumer-driven issue is having a “snowball” effect on the industry. This fact was evident as 650 poultry academia and industry members packed the Symposium: Challenges with Antibiotic-Free Poultry Production sponsored by Alltech at the 105th Poultry Science Association (PSA) meeting in New Orleans last week.

How do you measure performance in the poultry industry?

In the United States and Canada, the poultry industry’s standard performance measurement is the feed conversion ratio (FCR). Calculating FCR is as simple as taking the total amount of feed consumed by the flock and dividing it by the amount of weight gained or the number of eggs produced. In other words, FCR equals input divided by output. For broiler producers, an FCR of 1.6 means that their chickens gain 1 kilogram of weight for every 1.6 kilograms of feed consumed. The lower the FCR, the more efficient animals are at converting feed into food.

5 tips for monitoring your herd’s rumen health

France is the cradle for many famous breeds of beef animals that are used globally. Three of the most preferred French breeds are the Charolais, known for its high growth performance; the Limousine, renowned for its rearing abilities; and the Blonde d’Aquitaine, recognized for its ability to produce a high percentage of meat.

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