Founded in 1980 by Irish biochemist and entrepreneur Dr. Pearse Lyons, Alltech is a leading global biotechnology company whose mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through natural nutrition and scientific innovation. We pursue this mission guided by what we call the ACE principle, our promise that in doing business we have a positive impact on the Animal, the Consumer and the Environment.

Headquartered in Kentucky, Alltech trades in 128 countries worldwide and has more than 4,700 employees. We have 77 production facilities strategically positioned across the globe and three bioscience centers, dedicated to research and education, two located in the USA and one in Ireland.

Alltech is the only privately held and family-owned business among the top five animal health companies in the world. This is a source of competitive advantage, allowing us to stay focused on customer needs, innovation and long-term objectives.

Alltech establishes its first office in Cambodia

Alltech is opening its first office in Cambodia. Standing in front of Alltech’s office in Phnom Penh are: Channarith Ky, business development manager for Alltech Cambodia; Tho Nguyen, business development manager for Alltech Vietnam; Dr. Kriangsak Laosakul, general manager of the animal health department for CP Cambodia; Matt Einarson, regional director for Alltech in Southeast Asia; Michelle Fisher, regional finance director for Alltech Asia Pacific; and Nopporn Yavanangkul, finance director for Alltech in
LEXINGTON, Ky.] – Rising from the plains of Cambodia is a renaissance.

Algae are the Base of the Food Chain

Alltech Algae in Winchester, Kentucky, opened in early 2011 as one of the world’s largest commercial algae production sites.  It houses a variety of sizes and types of fermenters for growing heterotrophic algae for application in aquaculture, pet and livestock nutrition. It is equipped with a fully functional pilot plant—a scaled-down replica of its large production system—that enables our research and applications teams to experiment with new strains and production methods before rolling them out for commercial production.

Alltech Mineral Management

Managing mineral nutrition is no longer just a matter of addressing deficiencies. Improper mineral supply can have major consequences for health and productivity and, as a result, come at a high cost.

The Alltech Mineral Management program guarantees organic minerals that are readily absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal, and thus able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and optimal animal health.

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