Alltech offers a range of technologies that are designed to address nutritional issues facing beef cattle including rumen function, feed efficiency and digestibility, protein supply, immune function, gut health and mycotoxicoses. These technologies are proven to help beef cattle achieve a higher health status and optimise feed use, resulting in increased weight gains being achieved quicker and more efficiently.




Feeding cattle to maintain a healthy rumen and enhance the activity of rumen microbes will increase feed intake and improve feed efficiency. This will help produce more beef at a lower cost. Rumen pH is a critical factor for good rumen health. If it drops below a critical threshold, subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) can result. The rumen becomes less efficient, feed intakes will be reduced and animal performance will decline. If rumen function is reduced or acidosis occurs laminitis or lameness can then become an issue.

YEA-SACC® from Alltech optimises rumen function and stabilises rumen pH, providing a platform to maximise dry matter intake and efficiency of its use. Optimising rumen function results in better digestion with less feed wasted. Animals become more efficient with higher levels of performance from the same amount of feed, resulting in a faster and better animal finish. 



Microbial protein is the most efficient source of protein for beef cattle. Rumen microbes require a steady supply of non-protein nitrogen (NPN), as well as amino acids and an energy source, to produce microbial protein that is directly available to the animal. OPTIGEN® is a technology that enables improved feed conversion in beef cattle through the provision of a consistent supply of nitrogen for the rumen microbes. Feeding OPTIGEN optimises microbial protein synthesis allowing for better diet utilisation, rumen health and fermentation. Due to the concentrated nature of OPTIGEN, more cost-effective diets can be achieved while maximising performance. The main benefits include: increased average daily gain and feed efficiency, enhanced fibre digestion and a concentrated source of protein.



Throughout their lifecycle, cattle are often subjected to several stress factors, such as weaning, mixing with new groups and new surroundings. If these factors are not managed correctly, animals become more susceptible to bovine respiratory diseases (BRD). Many farmers are aware of the effects pneumonia, for example, can have on animal performance and the treatment cost associated with it. Providing high-quality and readily available trace elements which support the immune system can ensure animals are better equipped to overcome such issues.

Alltech’s BIOPLEX® range of organic trace minerals and SEL-PLEX® organic form of selenium provide mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible, meaning they are better absorbed, stored and utilised by the animal compared to inorganic forms. This range of minerals are also better able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and normal immune function while also enhancing meat quality and shelf life. The BIOPLEX range consists of organic zinc, copper, manganese, iron and cobalt. SEL-PLEX has been proven to promote the animal’s antioxidant status, support normal immune function and help cattle cope with the stress of weaning and mixing.



Greater attention needs to be paid to nutrition for cattle during the arrival or adaptation period. An undernourished or unstable intestinal tract leads to poor digestion, increased exposure to toxins and pathogens and depressed immunity. The result is decreased nutrient absorption and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Failure to adequately address these issues dramatically impacts productivity.

It is well known that bacteria are present in the gut, some helpful and some harmful. As these bacteria evolve, they have a direct impact on the efficacy of the digestive tract. Imbalances in this system often lead to diseases and poor performance therefore, gut health stability is critical for profitable beef production. Alltech offers natural, cost-effective solutions such as BIO-MOS® and ACTIGEN™, that help to activate good bacteria, build natural defences, support animal health and maximise growth rates. These technologies stimulate the natural defences of the organisms, contribute to managing the risk of diarrhoea, participate in normalising gut microflora and contribute to immune system development.



Safeguarding the health of your animals starts with the quality of your feed. Produced by moulds, mycotoxins affect animal performance and producer profitability in a number of ways. Typical symptoms that mycotoxins may cause include; reduced rumen function, acidosis type symptoms, reduced feed intakes, lower levels of immunity and swelling of legs. Effective mycotoxin management is about seeing the whole challenge. From the farm to the feed mill and from risk assessment to feed management, the Alltech Mycotoxin Management programme helps safeguard the health of your animals, the quality of your feed and the security of our food supply.

The unique technology behind Mycosorb A+® makes it the most advanced Mycotoxin binder on the market. Mycosorb A+ reduces mycotoxin absorption within the animal, thereby negating the damaging effects of mycotoxins on its health. Mycosorb A+ is the next generation of mycotoxin binders, offering superior binding capabilities, a broader adsorption profile and increased efficacy. Mycosorb A+ offers farmers and producers a solution that limits the effects of more mycotoxins than ever before and mirrors far more closely the true challenge found in naturally contaminated feeds.


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