Bio-Mos® is derived from a specific strain of yeast and helps promote animal performance. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity are essential for animal performance and Bio-Mos 'feeds the GI tract' and thus plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production.

For use in: Pigs, poultry, dairy, beef, aquaculture, equine, rabbits, pets


Alltech’s Bioplex® range of chelated organic trace minerals provides mineral nutrition in a form as close to nature as possible. Supported by more than 21 years of research, Bioplex Trace Minerals are better able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and animal health. The Bioplex range consists of organic Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron and Cobalt*. Alltech is currently the world’s largest producer of organic trace minerals for livestock, with five state-of-the-art production facilities around the world.

Mycosorb A+

Mycosorb A+  is the next generation of mycotoxin binders, offering superior binding capabilities, a broader adsorption profile and increased mycotoxin sequestration efficacy. Mycosorb A+ reduces mycotoxin adsorption, thereby negating the damaging effects of mycotoxins.


Young animals experience many stresses in the early stages of life. The ideal diet formulation can make the difference between a healthy start and a challenging one.

NuPro is a high quality protein from yeast, manufactured by a proprietary Alltech process. NuPro contains highly concentrated levels of essential and functional nutrients which are important in the diets of young animals.

For use in: Pigs, poultry, ruminants, aquaculture, pets.


Optigen is Alltech's non-protein nitrogen (NPN) source for ruminants. It concentrates the nitrogen fraction of the diet, creating dry matter space for more fiber and energy. After being launched only a few years ago, Optigen has become a solution to feed and environmental problems.

For use in: Dairy and beef

Available In: All regions

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