Dairy On-Farm Pak

Dairy On-Farm Pak

Dairy Advantage Pak - I

The DAIRY ADVANTAGE PAK - I is a premium solution designed for high performing dairy herds to unlock genetic potential. It combines Alltech's scientifically - proven technologies at specific rates based on our nutrigenomics research and macro ingredients to improve milk production, without compromising fertility and health.

Dairy Solution Pak - I

Poultry On-Farm Pak

Poultry On-Farm Pak


C-4 Solutions Program Improve persistency and total eggs produced, Increase fertile eggs, Improve hatchability, Improve chick quality and uniformity.



Alltech's revolutionary algae production facility, using proprietary technology, provides clean and consistent algae solutions to today's farmer.

Acid-Pak 4-Way

Acid-Pak 4-Way is a drinking water solution that contains 4 essential ingredients which includes acidifiers, enzymes, electrolytes and lactic acid bacteria which are needed to maintain

Allzyme SSF

Allzyme SSF is a naturally occurring enzyme complex that improves profitability by maximizing nutrient release


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