Established in 1997, Alltech Australia is driven to provide farmers with natural, nutritional solutions for performance and profitability. Backed by global resources, the Australian office employs 13 people, committed to working with our partners to make a difference across the country.

Through the Alltech On-farm Management programs, we take time to understand the farm, offer advice and provide the technologies which lead to improved profitability for producers. Designed at a global level, we deliver our solutions locally, backed by technical support, educational programs and research.


De-Odorase is a true innovation based on extracts from the Yucca plant. An in-feed control agent for excess ammonia concentrations in livestock, De-Odorase forms part of a nutritional strategy to reduce the impact of ammonia on the health and productivity of livestock, as well as environmental air quality for confined animals.

For use in: pigs, chickens, dairy, beef and aquaculture. 


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Protein Management

DEMPTM | OptisyncTM

The Alltech® Protein Management program provides a high-quality source of protein for your animals, giving them the nutrients they need to produce at their peak. This program makes your feed work harder, so your animals don’t have to.


Mineral Management

Bioplex® | Sel-Plex® | Bio-ChromeTM 

The Alltech Mineral Management program assures organic minerals that are better absorbed, stored and utilised by the animal and thus able to meet the higher nutrient needs of modern livestock for rapid growth, maximum reproductive performance and optimal animal health.


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